Tips On How To Get Rid Of Upper Lip Hair

how to get rid of upper lip hair


For years women have been asking how to get rid of upper lip hair

that will yield the best results possible. Long term effects are what

all women are after when they ask how to get rid of upper lip



We have tried it all haven’t we ladies? Bleaching, cream

removers, waxing, threading, and now the newest trend, laser hair


removal. The problem with all these solutions is the growth time between the procedures and the

texture of the hair when it grows back. Of course we do not want “stubble” nor do we want the

hair to grow back thicker and darker than before after our upper lip hair removal.


There are many different ways girls choose to remove hair from the upper lip.  At home remedies

tend to be lower in cost, more readily available, and can be done in private.  Over the counter

waxing products are a popular choice when we ask to how to get rid of upper lip hair at home.

Make sure the brand is well known and trusted by all females. Before you use it for your upper lip

hair removal, test the wax on a small area of your skin. Many people have allergic reactions to the

hot wax that you want to avoid.



Another remedy to the age old question how to get rid of upper lip hair is to try an all natural

ingredient. The Internet is full of “at home” recipes for upper lip hair removal at home that are

proven to be less abrasive. The down side is the time needed to buy the ingredients and make the

mixture. This solution for hair removal from the upper lip may work best for young girls in their

early to mid teens.


You can ask a professional how to permanently get rid of upper lip hair and most will tell you

laser hair removal is the best choice. This procedure is done in a doctors office and takes several

office visits to yield the results you are after. It is the most pricey of the all the upper lip hair

removal solutions, but has proven, for most, to be permanent. Stop asking how to get rid of upper

lip hair and take the first scary step to your new look. The monthly maintenance is low and