Various How to Get Rid of Acne Tips

how to get rid of acne


There is more than one way to find out how to get rid of

acne. You will also find out there are many different

ways for getting rid of acne. Many methods that help

eliminate acne are easy and fast these days. Whether


you want to get rid of acne the natural way or through OTC topical treatments or prescriptions

there is a way for you to get rid of acne fast and effectively.


As you may already know, acne is caused by clogged pores which can happen due to internal or

external elements. The nature of how the pores get clogged has nothing to do with how you

eliminate the problem. This is a brief overview of ways to get rid of acne both natural, home and

via other methods.



Some common natural ways to get rid of acne include:


  •      Avoid oil-based beauty products like makeup and hair products
  •      Avoid using facial scrubs and harsh, exfoliating soaps
  •      A hot compress to bring the acne to a whitehead and a sterilized needle to lance the

pimple then gently squeeze in order to drain the pimple


  •      Keep your skin clean and dry
  •      Drink more water
  •      Steam your face with hot water steam to flush out pores
  •      Eliminate stress
  •      Baking soda applied as a paste (added to water) to the affected are
  •      Regular toothpaste (not gel) can quickly dry up a pimple


A less commonly known method of how to get rid of acne fast is using a cold compress (not hot or

warm) to make the skin “squeeze” out the pimple without touching it. This get rid of acne easy at

home process is touted to help get rid of acne forever, or at least make it go away overnight. It

may take all day to get rid of the pimple, but it is supposed to be an effective method for getting

rid of pimples.


When you want quick ways to get rid of acne follow the process of the cold compress and include

the following elements: Noxzema (or generic) and an anti-pimple cream like Clearasil. You will

find easy ways to get rid of acne like this one online.


The best way to get rid of acne is using natural and home treatments. These methods are

effective, affordable and easier than heading to the dermatologist. Leave the dermatologist for

severe cases of acne and skin conditions. Learn more about how to get rid of acne online.